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                               Refund Policy and Membership Information

Upon completion of registration, every player, and or family become general members of the Board, and have the right to attend open or general board meetings, including board elections.


Each member ( family or representative ) has 1 vote, and may cast that vote by proxy ( in writing) or in person. Membership is for 1 season or calendar year depending on season as determined by the GCSA.

Refunds: refunds may be given prior to season start, (defined as having played at least one game) and are approved or denied on a per case basis. NO refunds will be given after the season starts, and there are no refunds at anytime on uniforms.

No refunds will be given in the case of violation of the club rules or code of conduct or for any other reason not covered by the above, and voted on or approved by the board.

Completion of registration is considered acceptance of these terms.

All of the above and more are covered at Coaches and parent meetings and non attendance to a meeting does not invalidate any of the terms of these policies.

                                             Team Formation Procedures


All efforts are made to assign players to the same team or coach as the previous season, unless otherwise requested by the parents. 

New players or players from teams that are no longer active, will join and/or be divided between the registered teams in the same age bracket.

Parent request for team placement is taken into consideration. The club does try to meet all team placement request, but the request is not guaranteed. As the priority is to ensure the teams are divided as equally as possible by the number of players on each team.

If siblings are playing at the same age bracket, they are placed on the same team unless otherwise requested by the parents.

Verdigris Soccer Club does not perform player evaluations. The skill level of players is not known or considered when teams are formed.

Verdigris Soccer Club is a recreational league. Club and Academy players are not to register with our club as a player or guest player, unless they have been released from the other club, and are no longer playing at that level.

If a team is co-ed, effort is made to split the team as evenly as possible, by gender. Priority is made to keep core teams together. This could result in an uneven number of boys to girl ratio on teams.

If we only have one coach for an age bracket, the roster may become a co-ed team that plays in a gender specific bracket. (Example: 3 girls sign up in U8, not enough to form a girls’ team. These girls have the option to play on the boy’s team that season)

If we start with one coach in an age bracket the roster is maxed, if we get over max roster, another team is formed, and a coach is sought out. We do not seek coaches unless we have teams for them. If another team is formed then we divide the players amongst the two teams, based on the team formation priorities. (Players return to same team as previous season, other players are divided between the two teams, parent team placement request, and siblings placed on the same team).

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